Welcome to Little Wagon Early Care & Education Center at 345 Traplo Road, Belmont. October 2020, We moved from Waltham to Belmont. Hope you like the new address. Our program opened in March 2005 and is first and foremost a quality nurturing and educational experience for young children. Little Wagon is a bilingual Chinese-English multicultural preschool program that will serve the public. It will be a place where children whose first language is Chinese can learn English in a setting that affirms their culture of origin. And for children whose first language is English, it offers an opportunity to learn Chinese language, dance and art.

Program Philosophy

Our goal is to bring together the best of western-style developmentally appropriate practice with the best of Chinese early childhood practice. Teachers will pay close attention to the children's physical, intellectual, creative, social and emotional development. We believe children are eager to learn new things and will provide many opportunities for hands-on exploration and problem solving. Honoring children's growing awareness of the world around them, respecting their thoughts and feelings, the program will support curiosity, build confidence and self-esteem, and nurture excellence.

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